About Joe

Joe ShadyAck holds a stage presence that remains as colorfully eclectic as his imaginative brand of storytelling! Joe travels the world charming audiences with his cleverly absurd viewpoint on a broad range of subjects while injecting his rendition of characters he meets, their idiosyncrasies, and the adventures they shared. He receives immense delight when audience members approach him after performances to share with him big smiles and warming hugs.

Joe studied improv and writing at Chicago's Second City Training Center where instructors like Michael Gellman chiseled this enthusiastic street busker into a dedicated performer. After sharing deleted scenes with Bill Murray, Alec Baldwin, and Emma Stone in Cameron Crowe's Aloha dramedy, Joe returned home to further his improvisation and richness under the mentorship of Bruce McCarty at The William Esper Studio.

To spread the joy of laughter and pay it forward, Joe also teaches comedy. Most recently, he taught to an intimate group of military members in the Middle East, which culminated in an all student showcase performance in front of a packed house. In addition to comedy, Joe earned degrees in aeronautics, information systems, and certifications in information technology and project management. One could say he adds up to a certified geeky nerd squared with a pinch of Pi and dash of dark matter.

When not tirelessly training, teaching, writing and producing animation and tribute videos, standing on stage or in front of a camera, Joe finds peace strumming the Gibson guitar left by his mother. During long drives or stuck in traffic, you can catch Joe practicing his beat boxing or rocking out to The Rolling Stones. Even in his downtime, he cannot help but continue to progress and perform. Joe’s yearning to improve his craft and performance enthuses him to trek through the world and partake in the opportunities life offers so he may gain further understanding, new stories, and share more hugs.